Rigs: The Mistress, 2019 Wrangler JLUR
Sandie,1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ
Bonnie,1961 Willys CJ5

About Me: My first experience with Jeeps started when my mom acquired a 2004 Jeep TJ wrangler Smoky Mountains Edition! She always wanted a Jeep and since then always had Jeeps. I had my first Wrangler at 25 , a 2013 JKU Sahara called CherryBomb and this is where my offroading story began. Started very slowly with a stock Jeep exploring the hills of the Ottawa Valley, creating amazing connections and memories.

I have since acquired 3 teal Jeeps and even had the chance to explore Moab in 2019 Wrangler JLUR named The Mistress and yes all my Jeeps have names, it’s a Jeep thing! Since 2019 it has become a family thing exploring and overlanding with our 4 year old son. My goal with social media pages is to break the stereotype of a masculine world. Yes I can and yes I will is my life motto.

I’ve been in the offroading world for almost over a decade and I can say we are seeing more and more women which is empowering. Did I say I had 3 teal Jeeps .. I’ve talked a lot about my daily which is my 2019 but I also have a 1961 Willys CJ5 named Bonnie and a 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ named Sandie.

Bonnie is currently going under a lot of modifications to become our crawler and Sandie we will be restored to become who knows maybe my son's first Jeep. Well this is mainly my Jeeping history! In my ‘’normal’’ life I work in a little small business in my area and I’m a mom, which is a full time job isn’t.

Upgrades: My daily Jeep is mainly considered ‘’stock’’ in terms of mechanicals modifications. It’s a 2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. We installed the Lynx (Quadratec) arms kit and the Quadratec skids plate. Aesthetically I run Quadratec front and rear bumpers, Rough Country fenders and a lot of lights! (Lockers before lightbar) . A 2.5 inch lift kit will be installed this summer and I run 37’s. The next big step will be regearing the Jeep..

Adventures: My biggest adventure so far is hand downs our Moab trip back in October. Moab has always been a dream of mine and I was lucky enough to share this trip with friends that are now family. We drove 40h with all our Jeeps on trailers and we’ve made Moab our home for 2 weeks. From Pritchett Canyon to Shafer trail we had the time of our life. This year, we will concentrate more into Overlanding with the JLUR. Hopefully we will be able to finish our crawler (Bonnie).

Community Engagement: I run the page She Jeeps, a page created in 2017 that empowers women all over the world. I want everyone to see that women are equally capable!




Marie-France Blondin