Rig: Toyota 4Runner

About Me: I’ve been passionate about off-roading since I remember myself as a kid. Before I could afford a real off-road truck, I “off-roaded” everything: a bicycle, a few 2WD sedans, a 4WD family SUV. In Ukraine, where I grew up, Jeeps are not that popular. The popular ones are Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrol, Mitsubishi Pajero, Mercedes G-Class. I always dreamt about either Land Cruiser 80/100 or Prado. After university, my company send me to their office in Malaysia where I spent 5 more years dreaming about Toyota Fortuner which is basically the same Prado/4Runner base in Asia/Australia. Unfortunately, Canada has the least choice of really capable trucks but this is a place where I could finally afford one.

I came to Canada in 2020 knowing nothing about the local rules but today you can find me every weekend off grid. Since that time, my 2013 4Runner SR5 has very little stock suspension parts.

Upgrades: My second passion is wrenching and working on my Toyoter. I try to do every possible service/upgrade by myself. And when I can’t, there will be another adventure to Beast Offroad.

  • Dobinsons long travel rear and extended travel front suspension
  • SPC UCA’s
  • WARN winch with BudBuilt winch mount
  • Metal Tech Extended Rear Brake Lines
  • RCI Off Road gas tank skid plate
  • Greenlane engine skid plate, roof rack cross bars, and differential drop
  • 1” body lift
  • 35” Toyo MT tires on Rocktrix 17” wheels
  • Dr. KDSS trackbar correction kit
  • Bison Off Road Stop Cam Kit
  • ROADFAR Snorkel, bought with my 2nd engine
  • VLAND LED Tail Lights
My favorite upgrade is the rear suspension setup, it allows crazy flexes. For sure, we won’t stop there.

Adventures: I don’t have one favourite trail; it’s rather the whole area of Calabogie. You can also find me every summer around Minden.

Community Engagement: If you around Ottawa and want to hit a trail or have some work done on your Toyota, drop me a message.



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