Rig: 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4door

About Me: This is something I’ve discovered through friends, start to growing on me,the passion for discovering new places, new limits, unbelievable views along with great company.

Everything started back in Venezuela about 2011 got my first 4x4 and a friend invited me to a beach road trip ( an off road beach road trip), we went to a virgin beach In the middle of nowhere and that’s where my passion for overlanding started , get to know new places , putting to test your vehicle limits and you capability as a driver, that when i felt in love with overlanding. Now days everything evolved to the point im driving my dream car , doing what i love to to wich is overlanding, educating people about this beautiful way of living.

Upgrades: Honestly my favourite upgrades on my rubicon is my rtt (roof top tent), is very comfortable and super convenient because i don’t have to do much to set up my tent.

Adventures: My favourite adventure so far has been I. Venezuela, to La Gran Sabana in the Venezuelan Amazon; really puts your vehicle and your self to the very limit along side with mesmerizing views.

Community Engagement: Through this hobbie I’ve been able to help people to start up on their new passion and educate people about overlanding, nature, good core values and is a very tight community were we help always each other no matter what.