Rig: 2022 Toyota 4Runner

About Me: Born and raised in India, Bhaskar Mandapaka is an Artificial Intelligence engineer whose fascination with cars dates to his childhood. His passion for automobiles has seamlessly woven into his professional and personal life, as he spends his leisure time embarking on long drives to discover new destinations, forge connections with diverse individuals, and indulge in outdoor pursuits such as hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, motorcycle rides, and camping. Beyond his AI engineering career, he delves into consulting projects covering electronics, 3D printing, and process automation. Notably, Bhaskar has actively participated in various off-roading competitions, cross-country rally racing, go-karting, etc. and has organized multiple motorsport events, which reflects his enduring love for the thrill of the track.

Upgrades: Among my favorite upgrades are a good suspension lift, good AT tires, and a reliable winch. When it comes to enhancing my vehicle, prioritizing tires and suspension is paramount; these components endure significant wear during my extensive road trips. A dependable winch holds immense importance to me, instilling the confidence needed to venture into uncharted territories.

Adventures: Among the myriad cross-country journeys I've embarked upon, a few stand out as unforgettable adventures. One such cherished memory is my Trans Canada expedition to the Northwest Territories and Alaska, where I not only discovered awe-inspiring terrains but also forged lasting friendships amidst the rugged wilderness—whether navigating permafrost or dipping into the Arctic Ocean. Equally unforgettable are my Himalayan odysseys, where the thrill of conquering towering passes at staggering altitudes of up to 19,000 feet is matched only by the rich tapestry of cultures encountered along the way, not to mention the intriguing homegrown innovations discovered amidst breathtaking landscapes.